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Feldenkrais Method® - One to One
Functional Integration®

" Where is the stiffness..... in the muscle? No.... in the mind!"  Moshe Feldenkrais

Functional Integration®

Feldenkrais Functional Integration sessions offer a gentle but powerful approach if you are experiencing a lack of ease in your body. That might be stiffness or pain in the spine or joints, restriction in the breath, trouble sitting or walking easily, issues with balance or physical confidence or just a general sense of stress or unease.


They can be a helpful part of the process of recovery and rehabilitation if you have had physical trauma due to surgery or injury.


Typically a Functional Integration session will involve working on a table with some parts of the lesson taking place in sitting or standing. The client is fully clothed – please wear something comfortable and loose to allow movement. Sessions last for one hour.






Working with the body's intelligence

In a one to one session I will use touch to guide you into gentle movements that suggest new possibilities. In moving you I am pointing you towards what’s possible but  I am equally interested in what gets in the way of that possibility. I am not performing a manipulation -  I am bringing an unconscious habit to your awareness so that it can change.


The movements we make together are both suggestions and questions. How is this? Where does the movement feel easy, where does it get stuck? Where is there a sense of connection? Where is there a blank?  As a client you are invited to participate in a process of sensory inquiry.


Perhaps surprisingly this kind of feedback process is usually more effective in bringing improvement than approaches that work with the idea of correction. Positive changes come spontaneously and emerge out of your body's capacity to self-organise.

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