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Feldenkrais Method®

"Movement is life - Without movement, life is unthinkable."      Moshe Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais work is about how you move and how you move is about how you live. It can bring about changes in how you act–agency–but also in how you perceive and respond to the environment you live in. A lot of the time we move in ways that have become automatic. Our movement expresses and reinforces unconscious habits that we have picked up along the way–often in difficult or painful circumstances. These habits are adaptive – they were once needed but may now no longer serve us. They can in some cases bring all kinds of physical difficulties. Quite often, where a person has physical issues related to mobility (even when there is pain or significant restriction), there is nothing structurally wrong. In Feldenkrais work we are not looking for something wrong with your structure in order to explain your difficulty or discomfort, we are seeking to find out how you are organizing your structure in ways that are limiting or conflicting.

Feldenkrais work is an invitation to make movement conscious–to bring our habits both physical and mental into awareness. With awareness comes the possibility of change–of discovering new ways to organize that offer easier and fuller function. This may be related to a specific issue or problem but more broadly, conscious movement is a way of drawing on a fundamental resource that our body offers by bringing feelings of spaciousness and groundedness.  It is increasingly recognized as being a powerful way to calm our nervous systems and reduce reactivity. It lets us settle in to ourselves.

The Feldenkrais Method® takes two forms. Functional Integration® - One to One work using touch –and Awareness Through Movement®  - group classes where the teacher guides students verbally. 

More Information can be found at The Feldenkrais Guild UK

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